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Meet Ariel McLeggon, our current producer of Worth While Web.  A recent graduate, this Adventist volunteer comes from Andrews University.  Now a Florida resident, this New York native’s hobbies include surfing the web, ensuring that you’ll find some websites recommendations that are definitely worthwhile. Feel free to send her your ideas for the show.

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Week 52 (Aired 2003, December)  Listen Here

Poetry: Have the heart of a poet? Looking for a special piece of poetry for a certain occasion? Well, on this site, do poetry searches by authors or poem titles. Or if you feel a poem should be added, submit one to their growing database.

Steven Curtis Chapman: Recording Artist Steven Curtis Chapman and his wife Mary-Beth started out with 50 dollars to their name and a green Ford Pinto. Now many years later he's recorded 13 albums and recalls how God has brought them through. Read his testimony, listen to his music and learn of his ministry here. 

Need Him: Something we all need for the new year! Learn that the Gospel and plan of Salvation is for everyone. This site is tailored for all the men, women, children, teens and 20 somethings--who are searching for some answers to life's difficult questions.

Week 51 (Aired 2003, December)  Listen Here

Special Guest: Melissa Wecker

Language Exchange: Interested in learning a foreign language? From Afrikaans to Yiddish, find it all here! According to the Wall Street Journal, this site is one of the best ways to learn a foreign language.

Point Of Grace:  The official site for the female vocalists Point Of Grace. You can visit their online store, be updated with their newsletter, or simply learn more about the group.

Daily Meditations: Here, you can get Reverend Russ’s Bible advice, Bible studies, an online devotional thought you can receive via email, and even request Christian counselling via email!

Week 50 (Aired 2003, December)  Listen Here

Decade to Overcome Violence-- Churches Seeking Reconciliation and Peace: This decade is an initiative of the World Council of Churches and is a global movement. It attempts to strengthen existing peace networks as well as inspire the creation of new ones. Here we find information about overcoming violence. 

Kathy Troccoli: Christian recording artist Kathy Troccoli has been singing since the early 80's but her webpage has been kept up to date. She says, "The good and the bad have all been helpful in deepening my relationship to God." This is what she tries to reflect with her music. 

Acts 17:11: This website has Christian snippets, picture galleries and about 12 Bible study guides on various topics to encourage Christian living, spiritual insight, growth and faith.

Week 49 (Aired 2003, November)  Listen Here

Thingamabobs: The website claims to have free 100% obscenity free online family games that you don't have to download or install. Here you can do many things: from write a story to play the old arcade Pac Man game. 

Positive Life Radio: Here's a website that you can listen to online with real player. Check out hymns and favorites pages. There are mailing lists, contests and much more to be explored!

Bible Verses: A moderately interactive site, you can receive Bible verses daily via email. There is also a word search and a reference bible search as well as a list of Bible topics. 

Week 48 (Aired 2003, November)  Listen Here

Special Guest: Matthew Lombart

Pathlights: Visit here to find a reference to other sites or more information on evolution, check out Bible studies, or Matthew's favorite: the Power Packed Promises page.

Don Francisco: This is the website for recording artist Don Francisco. He's been writing and recording songs right from the heart of Scripture and is best known for his Bible story songs written from the point of view of the main character. These songs have brought God's grace alive to millions worldwide. Also featured here is advice for musicians, Shasta's jokes and much more.  

Amazing Facts: Here you can try a free Bible study class, tune into radio, or find out more about Pastor Doug Batchelor's ministry. Hear classic radio sermons here or take a look through their online library.

Week 47 (Aired 2003, November)  Listen Here

"The Pocket": Anything you want on the internet--condensed for your pocket. Here you'll find anything from postcards & WAV files to even product reviews! 

Jars of Clay: This is the official page for the Christian group Jars of Clay. Something new about a music site: it's printer friendly! (Convenient if you print out their tour schedule.)  Hear a clip from their soon to be released album.

Reading the Bible in a Year: Ever heard "With God all things are possible" but wondered where it's found? With this schedule, assigned Bible reading is easier than ever before. And soon enough you'll know where to find that verse.

Week 46 (Aired 2003, November)  Listen Here

Special Guest: David James

Percussion instruments:  Curious to learn about percussion instruments? This website offers insights into the world of percussion. There are many photos--click on them for audio samples of the sounds.

Acappella: This is the official website for the music group Acappella.  Read up on the history of the group and meet the members, as well as catch music samples with Window's media player.

Adventist World Aviation: A non profit organisation that "provides aviation and communications support to those serving the physical, mental, and spiritual needs  of the forgotten peoples of the earth." AWA offers publications in pdf files and updates on their latest projects in mission aviation. 

Week 45 (Aired 2003, November)  Listen Here

Wunderground: Find the weather for any state, country, airport or postal code! See pictures from other tourists. For stargazers, check out the astrological map.

Janna Long: Avalon's Janna Long goes solo! Here you can read her latest news, listen to samples of music from her debut album. You can hear her Aretha Franklin/Patti LaBelle caliber voice along with her positive lyrics. 

Christian Freebies: A site no Christian will want to miss. Here you can post a prayer request or send away for Bible studies. Find penpals, recipes, screensavers and many other free Christian items. 

Week 44 (Aired 2003, October)  Listen Here

World Digital Audio Broadcasting: Looking for a site that's easy to navigate with lots of enlightening information? Visit  the DAB sight and learn all about CD quality programming without interference, plus the other benefits of going digital.

Avalon:  Avalon celebrates 8 years together with a CD of their best songs. Visit this aesthetic website and hear a real audio song sample, or discover biographical information and tour dates.

PC Bible Shareware: Test out these downloads for up to 8 weeks free! Many things on this site from games to interactive Bible info to scripture start up windows. Once downloaded, there is also a link for Bible resources. 

Week 43 (Aired 2003, October)  Listen Here

Focus on the Family: This site has a little of something for anyone at any age from newsletters to collegians, children's puzzles, articles for teens and even advice for parents.  There's even an international focus link.

Fernando Ortega: This is  bilingual recording artist Fernando Ortega's webpage. View his creative icons, pictures and read his journal. Also, listen to clips from all his albums or meet the band.

Adventist Prayer Networks: This site is not just for Adventists! It's for anyone who would like to know more about prayer or submit a request online.  Find a prayer partner or participate in a "Hot Topic"  Bible study. You can email them with your questions and petitions. 

Week 42 (Aired 2003, October)  Listen Here

World Heart Day: World Heart Day is for the world! At least 93 countries are participating in the fourth annual World Heart Day. Find out information about events in your area.

Donnie McClurkin: Pastor Donnie McClurkin's official webpage for his music ministry. There's all kinds of information here, including the latest news, album samples, and his words to you.

Generation Magazine: Are you looking for answers to eternal questions?  Generation Magazine's intent is to reach youth around the world by approaching pertinent issues.

Week 41 (Aired 2003, October)  Listen Here

Hallmark Greeting Cards: Is there a special person you'd like to send a greeting to? Hallmark has a wide variety of free e-cards for almost every occasion.

Audio Adrenaline: This is the homepage for Christian music group Audio Adrenaline.  The band has been together for over 10 years. On the website, you can listen to clips from many of their albums online. Sign up for newsletters and band updates.

E Manna: Visit e-manna for a quick way to fill up on God's word. There is an online Bible study/devotional material which you can visit daily or subscribe to.  Other languages are also available. 

Week 40 (Aired 2003, September)  Listen Here

Bill Nye: Bill Nye "the Science Guy" has his own webpage! Learn fun factiods on a popup screen, send a scientific e-card or just find out what the answer for the Question of the Week is.

Richard Smallwood & Vision: Richard Smallwood was one of the founding members of Howard College's first gospel choir and his singers were the first gospel group to go to the Soviet Union. Visit his webpage to discover more about his mission and music.

Christianity.com: This website offers a lot for everyone. Watch the Jesus film in your native language or listen to a live church broadcast. It's very interactive with its messageboards and "hot topic" forums.

Week 39 (Aired 2003, September)  Listen Here

Big Idea: This website has games patterned after Big Idea's characters particularly the Veggietales.  They’re cartoon vegetables that teach good morals to young children and are fun for adults too.

Cheri Keaggy: This colorful site is run by recording artist Cheri Keaggy. Her ministry text is Colossians 3:1-2. Click here to listen to samples of her music, read her encouraging words, and find links to other resources.  

The Bible Site: This site is an outreach effort of Open Doors with Brother Andrew, an international nondenominational Christian mission founded in 1955. It offers a simple way to minister: you can donate a bible to someone in need, just by clicking on the button.

Week 38 (Aired 2003, September)  Listen Here

NHLBI:  This is the homepage for the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute.  September is National Cholesterol Education Month.  Here you can find a host of health information and scientific resources.

Chris Rice: This is the official webpage for Christian recording artist Chris Rice. His song "Smile" is currently number one on inspirational radio stations in the US, only months after being there in the UK. 

Beliefnet: This site offers religious insights, thoughts on morality, advice and resources on most religions.  Check out the albums, prayers, discussion and dialogue or join a prayer circle.

Week 37 (Aired 2003, September)  Listen Here

The Planetary Society: Did you know that Jupiter has 61 moons? Want to know where to spot Mars at its brightest?  Visit Carl Sagan's planetary society home page to learn more about Planets and stars.   

Take 6: This is the homepage for the Christian acapella group, Take 6. Click here to see their message boards, send them an email, or find out the latest with the group.  Discover links to their Japanese, Korean and Portuguese websites or watch video clips.

St. Philip & St. James:  This is a link for the Anglican church located on the south side of Bath, England.  They broadcasted the UK's first virtual sermon on August 31. You can check out their link for broad band religion or see upcoming community events.

Week 36 (Aired 2003, August)          Listen Here

How Stuff Works: Need information for school? Are you curious on how something works? Check out this website and learn the details!

Friends of Amy: Recording Artist Amy Grant's official website. Find promotional updates, upcoming appearances, and pictures. Visit the archive and find out about your favorite CD's. Listen to a sample of her upcoming album, Simple things. 

Ideas for Choirs: This site offers many simple creative ideas and activities for children. Learn how to meet the children's needs, take charge and positively reinforce them. 

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