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Main Script for Wavescan, Edition number 470 for airing on Sunday11/21/2004.


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From the studios of Adventist World Radio, This is Wavescan.

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Our programme for shortwave listeners and radio hobbyists from around the world. Im ___________ (Host 1).

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And Im ____________ (Host 2).


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Today a special edition of Wavescan as we announce the winners of our Annual DX Contest. I know youll be looking forward to that.

Wavescan topic

Also, a review of the new Passport to World Band Radio 2005.


Victor Hulbert climbs the CN tower -- the world's tallest building, which, apart from scaring him, gives him a perspective on God "counting the hairs on our head".

IC DX report

Still in Canada, we celebrate the 75th annivarary of VOAR a historic and Christian Radio station.


Face painting for Christ? A young Christian artist shares her story.


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So lets start in with it. Who are the winners of this years Annual DX contest?


This year, as always, the number of entries was very high with all continental areas well represented, and the quality of the entries was also excellent. The contest this year invited listeners to examine their QSL collections and to choose five QSLs with a specific theme. Listeners were then invited to select a second set of five QSL cards that illustrate a different theme. A script suitable for broadcast was also invited, as were three radio cards, and three reception reports.


Following a close examination of all entries, "Wavescan" is pleased to announce all of the winners for our "Wavescan 2004 DX Contest". The World Winner for 2004 is again Guntur Jacob in Passau, Germany. This is now the fourth time that a previous World Winner has won the annual contest on two separate occasions. The list of World Winners who have won the contest on two consecutive occasions are:-

Victor Goonetilleke Colombo Sri Lanka 1977 & 1978

Bryan Marsh Auckland New Zealand 1980 & 1981

Andrew Elwell Sydney Australia 1982 & 1983

Guntur Jacob Passau Germany 2003 & 2004





The additional Continental Winners are:-

Africa Phillips Melle Egbe Nigeria

North America Andrew Lisowski Virginia USA

Latin America Richard Chen Tacarigua Trinidad

Pacific Michael Stevenson NSW Australia

Asia T. R. Rajeesh Kerala India

Europe Heinz Haring Kapfenberg Austria

Peter Boeck Offenbach Germany

In addition, the "Award of Merit" is conferred upon the following listeners who submitted excellent entries:-

Brazil - Jose da Cunha Bulgaria - Rumen Pankov

Canada - Ashok Bose Chile - Armando Campos

Denmark - Hans Lollike England - Patrick Jeffers France - Christian Ghibaudo Germany - Marcel Goerke Italy - Giovanni Sergi Japan - Eiji Kitamoto New Zealand - Peter Grenfell Sweden - Bjorn Fransson

Ukraine - Sergey Kolasov USA - Fritz Layer


The "double" World Winner, Guntur Jacob in Germany, will receive an appropriate award plus the coveted Bronze Medallion. The Continental Winners will receive a copy of "Passport to World Band Radio - 2005" or "World Radio TV Handbook - 2005", and the Merit Winners will receive AWR souvenirs.


In his meritorious entry, Guntur Jacob chose the following items for the five segments of the 2004 contest:-


Part A - QSL Theme; Mountains - HCJB, ORF, RNZI, Radio Australia, FEBC

Part B - QSL Theme; Bridges - BBC, Radio Australia, NHK, VOA, KTWR

Part C - Radio Script - Collecting Radio Verifications

Part D - Reception Reports - KSDA, AWR-Meyerton, AWR-Moosbrunn

Part E - Radio Cards - Voice of Indonesia, Voice of Iran, Radio Pakistan


Adventist World Radio would like to thank all of the numerous participants in our "Wavescan 2004 DX Contest" and we also express our appreciation for the large number of radio cards that were submitted.


A full summery of the contest results is on our website. You can check there at



WAVESCAN TOPIC (5 minutes) Normally read by Student Volunteer

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Now heres Steve Hamstra with a review of the new, Passport to World Band Radio 2005. Steve:


Play Wavescan topic: Another item of big news in the radio world is that the new 2005 edition of the must-have annual volume, "Passport to World Band Radio" is now available. This new international radio directory is in the same familiar format as for all recent years, with a colorful cover, lots of interesting articles on the contemporary radio scene, multitudinous pages of appealing advertising, and the inestimable shortwave schedules in the now-famous Blue Pages.


Interestingly, the 2005 edition of "Passport to World Band Radio" contains the same number of pages as last year, 592. Now, it is true, that there is somewhat of a decline in the national and international usage of analog shortwave broadcasting in recent time. Some large shortwave stations are now closed, other stations have reduced their language output, and still others have closed out their broadcast service to certain continental areas.


However, in the latest edition of PP2WBR, there is a total of 178 pages of frequency schedules with the complete listing of all frequencies and all languages for every active shortwave station in the world. This is a reduction of just 12 pages less than last year, a 6.75% reduction. Still remaining in the analog shortwave world are more than 2.000 frequency listings with more than 12,000 hours of daily programming, enough to satisfy any and every shortwave listener, DXer, and international radio monitor.


However, this year's PP2WBR is indeed up-to-date, and reference is made to the new generation of radio receivers with digital capability. One shortwave radio with DRM digital capability on shortwave is assessed on page 97 in a survey of portable receivers. Many other receivers, as reviewed by Larry Magne (MAG-NEE), are digital ready. In addition, the many pages of highly appealing advertising show the availability of digital XM radios from Eton, the new name for Grundig in America.


The very readable feature articles by the writer and traveler Manosij Guha, tell the story of radio broadcasting in the South East Asian countries of Thailand and Laos, replete with color photos and the flavor of local customs. In the more than 130 pages of receiver and equipment reviews, the worst radio that is looked at is the Kchibo Model KK-S320 made in China, valued at less than $5. However, in fairness to the Chinese manufacturers, it should also be stated that some of the world's best radio receivers currently available are manufactured in China, including for example, the Grundig 800.


It should be remembered that "Passport to World Band Radio" is the only annual publication of its type now available worldwide in the English language. The competitive publication, "The Shortwave Guide" from the "World Radio TV Handbook", published just two annual editions, and then withdrew.


The 2005 edition of "Passport to World Band Radio" is now on the DX desk, next to the bevy of radio receivers and associated electronic equipment, and the 2004 edition now occupies an honored position in the bookcase of radio publications. Come to think of it, the 21 previous editions of PP2WBR, all stacked neatly in a row, make an impressive display.


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Thank you Steve.

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Youre listening to Wavescan and if youd like to write or comment on any of the issues arising in todays programme, Our address is, AWR, 39 Brendon St . . . Or e-mail Those details again at the end of the programme.

Travelogue (5 minutes)

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Radio waves are heard all over the world and we enjoy those signals coming from far and different lands lands where we often cannot travel ourselves. Week by week AWRs own Correspondents will report to you from those lands.

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This weeks report is filed by Victor Hulbert who, on a brief visit to Toronto in Canada was seemingly impressed by his first view of the sky-scapers..


Play Travelogue: 230:CN Tower:




DX Report (IC and/or programme hosts) (4 minutes IC and 2 minute host tips. Total 6 minutes.)

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Youre listening to Wavescan, Adventist World Radios programme especially for shortwave listeners and radio hobbyists. And having spent the last few minutes in Canada, lets stay there for one more piece of radio news, this from AWRs Lynda Baildam.


VOAR anniversary (from N7N513 new)

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Thanks Lynda and congratulations to VOAR as they celebrate 75 years on the air.


Feature (5 minutes)

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Face painting for Christ? Its certainly different to preaching. Today, AWRs Victor Hulbert talks with Claire Fuller, a young Christian artist who volunteers time to share Jesus with children and their parents at fairs and on the beach. But this is something new for Claire as until recently, Christianity filled her with hate and scorn.


Play Feature 49: Claire Fuller:

I always used to keep meeting Christians . . . .


. . . . I feel so much happier and freer, more than Ive ever done. I have a really good life now.

Host 2 ---

Claire Fuller of Ambassadors for Christ, sharing the good news of how she became a Christian. If that story makes you think about your own experience, or if you would like help in coming to a similar decision yourself, we would like to hear from you. Wed like to hear your story and wed also like to share with you our free guide to knowing Jesus. Our address in just a moment.


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And that brings us to an end of this weeks edition of Wavescan a production of Adventist World Radio. Next week:

1. A little Pacific Nostalgia We visit an exotic station on an isolated island.

2. Well have our regular bulletin of International DX news

3. and our monthly report from South America.

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Thats also the address for your Bible questions or free Bible Guides: AWR, 39 Brendon St, London, W1, England, or e-mail us at

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Wavescan is written and produced by Adrian Peterson and Steve Hamstra. You can find it on the web at: Im . . . (Me)

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