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Main Script for Wavescan, Edition number 515 for airing on Sunday11/14/2004. 


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From the studios of Adventist World Radio, This is Wavescan.

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Our programme for shortwave listeners and radio hobbyists from around the world.   I’m ___________ (Host 1).

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And I’m ____________ (Host 2).


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In today’s edition of Wavescan

Wavescan topic

Enjoying your hobby and doing good -- all at the same time.  We meet some Japanese Radio Amateurs who spend their time helping others


"You lazy fool, look at an ant.  Watch it closely; let it teach you a thing or two."  So says the wise man, Solomon.  But when those ants are invading your kitchen -- maybe it's not so much fun. Joanne Elmadjian reports from Cyprus.

IC DX report

Bob Padula and Christopher Lewis report on Global and European listening conditions.


Twelve year old Mabel Kulongo tells Christian Stories, and explains why she tells them


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So let’s start in with our Wavescan topic for this week.


WAVESCAN TOPIC  (5 minutes)  Normally read by Student Volunteer

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 Did you know that half of all radio amatuers live in Japan.  The Japan Amatuer Radio League boasts 90,000 members.  That's an incredible number.  As reported in an ealier edition they held their annual Ham Radio Fair in Tokyo Big Centre back in August.  Victor Hulbert was there, and amidst all the equipnment, stands, and technology he came across one very interesting booth.  The BHN club.  Amateur radio enthusists with a mission in mind -- who've formed themselves into a charity -- or NGO - Non-Government Organisation. 


They set up two way radio communications in countries such as Loas and Afghanistan where, away from the major cities, there is no communications infrastructure.  Nino, one of their members, has just returned from Afganistan and told Victor the kind of activities he had been involved in. 


Play Wavescan topic: 2175:BHN club.  NGO for Basic Human Need.: IN: My name is . . .

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Victor Hulbert was talking there with Nino Nakanishi of the BHN amatuer radio club in Tokyo, Japan.

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Travelogue  (5 minutes)

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Cyprus is an idyllic holiday location -- and Joanne Elmadjian has, for the last few years, had the privilege of not just holidaying, but also living there where she enjoys the hospitality of the Greek-Cypriot community.  But her hospitality does not extend to some little creatures that have recently been invading her kitchen.


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Have you ever considered the ways of the ant?  . . .


End:  . . . .but before you use it, watch the ants, consider their ways and be wise.

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Joanne Elmadjian reporting from her kitchen in Cyprus and the battle with the ant.  -- a problem not just restricted to Cyprus I fear -- but I'm glad she can get a positive message out of it -- and that she has a growing respect for these little creatures.


P A U S E    H E R E    P L E A S E


DX Report (IC and/or programme hosts)  (4 minutes IC and 2 minute host tips.  Total 6 minutes.)

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You’re listening to Wavescan, Adventist World Radio’s programme especially for shortwave listeners and radio hobbyists.  Our first DX report this week is from Bob Padula – its his global report and it start in the Cook Islands.

* COOK ISLANDS: The government of the Cook Islands has granted approval for the establishing of a new publicly funded radio service for nationwide coverage.  The government has made a grant of US $33,000 for this new radio service which would provide programming as well as a storm warning service to the outer islands.  Currently, both the radio & television stations in the Cook Islands are owned and operated by a commercial company, Pitt Media.


* AUSTRALIA: If the Labor Party wins the coming elections in Australia, they state that they will provide additional funding for Radio Australia in order to restore the strength of its voice in Asia.  The Labor Party intends to allocate an additional $6 million Australian over two years for the restoration of this currently diminished international radio service.  This allocation would be in addition to their regular annual operating budget of $11 million.  The Labor Party has also stated their intention to take back the Darwin relay station when the lease with Voice International expires in the year 2010.   They state that they would also re-introduce the ABC International TV Service which has now been off the air for the past several years.


          However, the current Federal Government states that if they remain power, they will grant an additional $14 million Australian to the ABC for the expansion of their mediumwave network,"Newsradio" into several regional cities.  Several of these stations are currently on the air in the large cities with callsigns in the PB range.


* NEW ZEALAND:  Radio New Zealand International has signed a contract with Thales (TAH-LAZE) for a new DRM digital shortwave transmitter.   It is intended that the new 100 kW transmitter will become operational in the year 2006.


          The purpose for the new digital shortwave transmitter is to provide a high quality reliable signal to local radio stations in fourteen island groups in the South Pacific.  These local stations will then be able to relay the programming from New Zealand to their listeners in the various island nations throughout the South Pacific.


          Currently, Radio New Zealand International is on the air shortwave with a 100 kW analog transmitter which was also made by Thales.   It is intended that the 15 year old analog transmitter will continue in service as long as possible, in parallel with the new digital unit.


* RADIO STATION TOUR:  If you go to the radio site, "About Radio" on the internet you can take a virtual reality tour of a radio station.  The website is   In addition, you will find lots of other interesting information about many different facets of radio on this website.


* GUINNESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS: In a recent report, Bob Padula poses the possibility that he may have created two world records with his activity in the radio arena. The first area is in the writing and presentation of DX programs.  Bob made his first DX presentation over two mediumwave stations in Victoria, 3UL in Warragul & 3SR in Shepparton, back in March 1964.   Just one year later, he began writing DX programming for broadcast from Radio Australia.  During the ensuing 41 years, his work has been on the air continuously.  He asks, "Is this a world record?"  


          The other area that may be a world record is his collection of QSL cards & letters from stations around the world.  According to a very strict set of parameters, Bob Padula has amassed a collection of some 10,000 QSLs during the same time period in which he was also on the air with his specialized radio programming.  It should also be remembered that Bob was awarded the OAM Medal in the Honors List for 1981 by Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.


Well, that’s the news from Bob.  Now over to Christopher Lewis for his European report.


DX Report

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Thanks Christopher.  Your listening to Wavescan.


Feature  (5 minutes) 

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Today we meet a very talented young lady – Mabel Kulongo (ku-LUN-go).  Twelve years old and a first rate story teller.  Victor Hulbert takes up the story.


Play Feature 64: Mabel Kulongo:

Darius was  . . .


. . . I think in ten years time my story telling, I won’t be telling it, but I’ll be teaching other children to tell stories.  (6’00”)

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Mabel Kulongo – and some with her very special story telling skills.


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And that brings us to an end of this week’s edition of Wavescan – a production of Adventist World Radio.  Next week – a special edition as we’ll be revealing the winners for the AWR Wavescan Annual DX contest.

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