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Main Script for Wavescan, Edition number 512 for airing on Sunday10/24/2004. 


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From the studios of Adventist World Radio, This is Wavescan.

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Our programme for shortwave listeners and radio hobbyists from around the world.   I’m ___________ (Host 1).

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And I’m ____________ (Host 2).


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In today’s edition of Wavescan

Wavescan topic

We meet an amateur radio club with a difference


Saved by a stranger – We find how one young lady came close to being a victim without even knowing it.

IC DX report

We have our International and South American DX reports.


And in the week before America goes to the polls:  “Can a politican really be a Christian these days?”   We'll find out.


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So let’s start in with our Wavescan topic for this week.


WAVESCAN TOPIC  (5 minutes)  Normally read by Student Volunteer

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 A few weeks back we reported on the Japan Ham Radio Fair in Tokyo.  With 90,000 radio amateurs in Japan it was a significnat occasion with many stands and booths to explore, along with the various lectures and worshops.  In this second report Victor Hulbert finds himself outside an exhibit with a difference.  Victor: 


Play Wavescan topic: 2189:UNICEF Ham Radio Club: IN:  While exploring the many booths . . .


OUT: That is the unique feature which separates us from other crowds.”

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Victor reporting there from the Ham Radio Fair in Japan.  We'll have one further report from there on November 7.

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You’re listening to Wavescan and if you’d like to write or comment on any of the issues arising in today’s programme, Our address is,  AWR, 39 Brendon St . . .   Or e-mail  Those details again at the end of the programme.


Travelogue  (5 minutes)

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Time now for our travalouge for this week.  During the course of a normal day we brush with danger many times. Most times we are totally unaware of what that danger was. Our International Correspondent Eldson Chagara from Malawi, Africa, witnessed this first hand, and lived to share this interesting story.


Play Travelogue: 1145:Saved by a Stranger:

IN: "I live in Blantyre, Malawi. . ."


OUT: ". . He cares for those who trust in him."

Host 1

Eldson Chargara from Malawi, Africa, with that Travel Log.


P A U S E    H E R E    P L E A S E


DX Report (IC and/or programme hosts)  (4 minutes IC and 2 minute host tips.  Total 6 minutes.)

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You’re listening to Wavescan, Adventist World Radio’s programme especially for shortwave listeners and radio hobbyists.  A quick look now at some international DX News:

* USA: The Trinity Broadcasting Network with its international headquarters in Santa Ana in California is on the air with TV programming on more than 6,000 TV and cable systems.  Their programming is fed to all of their downlink facilities throughout the world by 46 satellites, and growing as they state.  According to their latest news letter, TBN has just added a new TV network for Middle East coverage and programming will be presented in Hebrew, Arabic, Urdu & Farsi.  Their shortwave outlet is KTBN in Salt Lake City which takes a program feed from their main English language service on television.    


* CONGO: The Australian DX News reports that 1,000 fixed-tuned solar-powered radio-receivers have been distributed in Bukavu in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.    These dedicated radio receivers are tuned to Radio Kahuzi which was founded in 1992 and is on the air in parallel with two transmitters; 91.1 FM & 6210 kHz shortwave.   This project is fostered by the well known Gospel station in Ecuador, HCJB, and they have now assisted in establishing 250 stations of this nature around the globe.


* USA: Available at a special price is the 2004 (yes, 2004) picture calendar that features mediumwave radio towers throughout the United States.  The calendar is produced by Scott Fybush and it is available from the Ohio based radio store, Universal Radio.  In Ohio, there are two radio locations of interest; Universal Radio is on the edge of Columbus, and the Ham Radiovention takes place on the edge of Dayton.


* IRAQ: The BBC London, according to a report published in the Australian DX News, is the most popular radio station in Afghanistan & Iraq, with more than 3.3 million Iraqis tuned in regularly for the bulletins of BBC news.


* LIBERIA: In another news item in the Australian DX News, it is learned that station ELWA in Monrovia celebrated its 50th anniversary on January 18, earlier this year.  Station ELWA was established by the Sudan Interior Mission in 1954 as the first Christian radio station in Africa.  During the past 14 years, their facilities have been destroyed repeatedly, but now they are on the air again with a low powered station provided by HCJB International.


          And while we are talking about the Australian Radio DX Club, we should mention that they have entered into an important project to preserve significant radio history.  John Wright in Sydney is photocopying QSL cards from older club members and transferring the images to CD for permanent preservation.


* HUNGARY:  You still have a few days left in which to make out a reception report to Radio Budapest in Hungary.  The Austrian DX Club states that special QSL cards are available for reception reports on any broadcast from Radio Budapest in any language except Hungarian up until the end of October.  Reports with return postage should be sent to the Austrian DX Club at Box 1000, A1081 Vienna, Austria.


* USA: The DRM Consortium in the United States is staging a symposium on digital radio broadcasting in Dallas Texas, on Friday November 12.  This symposium is specifically planned for radio station personnel and equipment manufacturers, though all people with an interest in digital radio broadcasting are invited to attend.  More information can be obtained from Jeff White at Radio Miami International WRMI in Miami Florida.


* GERMANY: According to a recent news item from the BBC in England, the German shortwave station, Deutsche Welle, is offering online reports and audio clips in the Klingon language.  It will be remembered that the Klingon language is an artificial language that was developed by Dr Mark Okrand for the TV series, "Star Trek".  Worldwide interest in the strange sounding Klingon language is increasing quite rapidly; weddings have been conducted in the Klingon language, and the Bible is currently being translated into this strange artificial language.  If you do a Google search on the internet for Klingon, you will find nearly half a million entries.


          And a final news item in this International DX Report.  A new QSL card is now available from Adventist World Radio.  This new card carries the same picture as the 2005 Calendar Card, and it features a new international view of culture & society.


And now with more news from South America, here’s Horacio Nigro .


DX Report

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Thanks Horacio.  And we’ll look forward to hearing from you again next month.


Feature  (5 minutes) 

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In just over a week, Americans will be going to the polls.  Whatever radio station you’ve been tuning into you can hardly have missed it.  We don’t want to comment on the election directly, but we are interested in Christianity and politics.

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Dr. Bryan Mawhinney has been involved in British politics for over 20 years. He spent eleven of those years as a government minister, and at one stage was chairman of the Conservative party led by former prime minister, John Major. During the 90s, he was a member of the British Cabinet where he played a very significant role in the affairs of the United Kingdom. Finally, in 1997, he received a knighthood in recognition of his political services to the nation.


But despite his rise to such giddy heights, Sir Bryan Mawhinney remains a dedicated Christian who's keen to be a positive influence in the world of British politics. AWR's Ray Allen met with him at the House of Commons in Westminister, London.


Play Feature 824: Christianity & Politics:

IN: "Sir Bryan, you're a prominent figure…"


OUT: "…first of all we're members of the body of Christ, and secondly members of the political party."

Host 2  ---

Sir Bryan Mawhinney, Conservative party minister, talking there with Ray Allen.


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And that brings us to an end of this week’s edition of Wavescan – a production of Adventist World Radio.  Next week we will be:

1.  looking at the famous radio program, “Hawaii Calls” (at this time of year it certainly calls for me!!)

2.  As always we’ll have two DX reports for you.

3.  And we’ll face issues of mistaken identity

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That’s all next week – but for this week remember your reception reports, tips and comments are always welcomed.  Here’s our address:

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AWR, 39 Brendon St, London, W1, England, or e-mail us at  

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That’s also the address for your Bible questions or free Bible Guides:  AWR, 39 Brendon St, London, W1, England, or e-mail us at  

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Wavescan is written and produced by Adrian Peterson and Steve Hamstra.  You can find it on the web at:  I’m . . . (Me)

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. . . and I’m . . .  (You) Thanks for joining us.