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Main Script for Wavescan, Edition number 510 for airing on Sunday10/10/2004.


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From the studios of Adventist World Radio, This is Wavescan.

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Our programme for shortwave listeners and radio hobbyists from around the world.   I’m ___________ (Host 1).

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In today’s edition of Wavescan:  {Actuality from 19 – 29” on Classic VOP track 1}  Yes, we look back at 75 years of the Voice of Prophecy.


We take to the skies to find out about a high flying South African.

IC DX report

We’ll have our Global and European DX reports


Then, Heading for the moon -- not quite -- but Iceland seems just as remote for students with a mission


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So let’s start in with our Wavescan topic for this week.  Steve Hamstra looks back at 75 years with the Voice of Prophecy.  {Intro from VOP Classic}


WAVESCAN TOPIC  (5 minutes)  Normally read by Student Volunteer


Play Wavescan topic: It was on October 10, 1929, that the legendary Dr. H. M. S. Richards went on the air with a daily devotional program on station KNX in Hollywood California.  This introductory series of daily broadcasts began a life long career in radio broadcasting for Dr. Richards, and this month, the Voice of Prophecy is celebrating 75 years of continuous radio ministry with special programming and large public events in North America and on several other continents.


          Dr Richards was born into a pastoral family in 1894, the year in which Marconi began his first primitive experiments in sending wireless messages through the air without any form of conducting wire.  He gained his education in Adventist educational institutions in Colorado & Maryland, and he served in pastoral & evangelistic ministry in Canada & California.


          His introduction to radio came in the year 1920 when President Warren G. Harding, who was at the time Senator Harding, invited him to a demonstration of wireless at the Potomac River in Washington DC.  Three airplanes flying overhead were given instructions over the wireless apparatus and they flew off in different directions.  Later in that same year, the famous station KDKA in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania was launched as what is honored as the first radio broadcasting station in the world.   


          It was in the year 1927 that Richards made his own first radio broadcast.  At the time, he was conducting a series of evangelistic meetings in central California and he presented a religious message over one of the nearby mediumwave stations.


          Just two years later, he was offered free air time over station KNX which was on the air at that time in Hollywood with 5 kW on 1050 kHz.  These days, station KNX is a 50 kW giant on 1070 kHz.  It is still located on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, though it is now licensed to the city of Los Angeles.    


          During the 1930s, the radio ministry of Dr. H. M. S. Richards grew until his program was heard state wide on network radio.  Then, in 1942, his radio program, by this time identified as the “Voice of Prophecy”, made its inaugural broadcast nationwide on the Mutual Broadcasting Network.


          In 1944, the “Voice of Prophecy” went international with a relay service via the Pacific coast stations in the shortwave service of the Voice of America.  During this era, the same program was also heard on shortwave through the transmissions from the 50 kW VLC, “Australia Calling” located at Shepparton in Victoria. 


          From this time onwards, the “Voice of Prophecy” has been heard on shortwave over many stations located in Europe, Africa, and Asia.  The shortwave station that holds the record for the longest continuous relay of the Voice of Prophecy radio program was the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation with its transmitters located at Ekala, north of Colombo.  The VoP, as it is known colloquially, was on the air from SLBC Colombo for a period of 39 years beginning in 1950.     


          As time went by, Dr. H. M. S. Richards passed the mantle of leadership in this radio ministry to his son, also known as H. M. S. Richards, and from him it was passed on to the current Director-Speaker, Lonnie Melashenko. 


          In an additional form of electronic outreach, the Voice of Prophecy has established an internet website at  This site averages around 1.5 million hits per month, and the highest month so far was October 2003 when 3.7 million hits were registered.


          We here at Adventist World Radio honor the Voice of Prophecy radio program at its 75th anniversary, and we acknowledge with appreciation our own earliest origins which are traceable right back to this eminent radio ministry. 


{Either end with the end of classic VOP or with a bit from a modern programme}

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You’re listening to Wavescan and if you’d like to write or comment on any of the issues arising in today’s programme, Our address is,  AWR, 39 Brendon St . . .   Or e-mail  Those details again at the end of the programme.


Travelogue  (5 minutes)

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Still to come today – DX reports from Bob Padula (PAD-you-la)  and the European report with Christopher Lewis. 

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First:  For many, travelling by air no longer holds the glamour that it once had years ago. Nowadays its like  hopping on a bus that goes by air instead of on land. So space travel --for those who can afford it -- appears to be filling that enviable void. Here's our International Correspondent Bruce Davidson with a thought about one South African who not long ago took to space -- and paid for it out of his own pocket!


Play Travelogue: 1282:Space Travel:

IN:"20 million dollars US, or 240 million rand in South African Curency."

OUT:". . Many of us have had many many times."

Host 1

That was Bruce Davidson, wishing that 20 million dollars was loose change to him. Well Bruce, remember that one day we're promised space travel covering much much greater distances --  all free of charge, and without any special equipment! You can get a sneak preview of the travel bruchure in the Gospel of John Chapter 14 verses 1-3.


P A U S E    H E R E    P L E A S E


DX Report (IC and/or programme hosts)  (4 minutes IC and 2 minute host tips.  Total 6 minutes.)

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You’re listening to Wavescan, Adventist World Radio’s programme especially for shortwave listeners and radio hobbyists.  Time now for our European DX report – Here’s Christopher Lewis.


DX Report

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Thanks Christopher.  Now some more Global tips, courtesy of Bob PADula in Australia.


          The Australian Government has announced that the national regulatory
departments currently known as the Australian Broadcasting Authority (ABA) and Australian Communications Authority (ACA) are to be amalgamated from mid 2005.  The new combined body will regulate all telecommunications, broadcasting, radio and online content.

* RADIO AUSTRALIA ON FM: Radio Australia has begun broadcasting news and current affairs programs in English and Khmer on FM 102 MHz from Phnom Penh in Cambodia.  Every day at noon, a non governmental organization (NGO) supported station relays Radio Australia programs for 30 minutes.  Radio Australia is to join the BBC, Voice of America, and Radio Free Asia in offering alternative programming.  The content for the Radio Australia programming is produced in Melbourne, with local input at the studio in Phnom Penh.  Radio Australia also plans to broadcast its programming on six provincial stations throughout Cambodia.

* NEW NATIONAL NETWORK THROUGHOUT AUSTRALIA: The commercial company known as “World Audio” plans to establish a new Australia wide radio broadcasting AM network in the Extended Mediumwave Band.  It has been operating on 1611 kHz for some months now and the latest station to be put on line is at Port Augusta in South Australia, using 1629 kHz.  The company proposes to introduce more than 40 new stations across Australia on frequencies ranging from 1611 kHz to 1702 kHz.  The transmitters are double-sideband amplitude modulated with a radiated power of 400 Watts, and they are authorized as Narrowband Broadcasting Services for local coverage in the areas served, using a reduced audio bandwidth.

* FREQUENCY CHANGES IN WESTERN AUSTRALIA: The ABA licensing authority has advised that frequency and site changes are proposed for two of the AM stations operating in the capital city, Perth.  These stations are 6PM currently using 882 kHz, and 6RPH currently on 990 kHz.

* CHINA: Following a series of test broadcasts, DRM transmissions in the digital mode are now being carried by China Radio International on a regular daily basis.  This is the latest schedule:-

          0900 UTC  17580 kHz Europe                          English French & Mandarin
          1300          11810        East Asia & Pacific      English
          1400             9610        East Asia & Pacific      Mandarin
          1500                    13790        Europe                          English
          1600                    17510        Europe                          English & Mandarin

          These DRM transmissions originate from two sites in China, at Kashi and Qiqihar.  The Kashi facility has recently been commissioned with six transmitters at 100 kW & 13 at 500 kW, all with DRM digital capability.

* NEW ZEALAND: Radio New Zealand International has introduced this new 24 hour schedule which is effective until October 30:-
                   0459 UTC  11820 kHz
                   0706                      9885
                   1300                      6095
                   1751                      9845
                   1851                    11725
                   2051                    15720
                   2246                    17675

* ISRAEL: The Voice of Israel has retimed its schedule for the winter season, and shows these English transmissions:-

          0430 UTC  11585 kHz and   15640 kHz
          0930                    15640                  17535
          1700                    11605                  15640 & 17535
          1900                    15615                  15640 & 17535

* USA: Radio Free Asia is using the Taiwan relay for Vietnamese transmissions.  The morning service is at 2300 UTC and the evening broadcast is at 1400 UTC and both transmissions are on 11605 kHz.   The Irkutsk relay in Russia is being used for Korean programming at 1600 UTC on 7210 kHz and again at 2100 UTC on 5905 kHz.

          And that completes our Global DX Report from the EDXP Radio Monitoring Association in Melbourne, Australia.  We welcome reception reports of this segment which should be sent to:-

                   Radio EDXP

                   404 Mont Albert Road

                   Mont Albert

                   Victoria 3127


                                                             Return postage would be appreciated.  Details about the EDXP Radio Monitoring Association, offering free membership, can be accessed from their Home Page at


Feature  (5 minutes) 

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It's the "in thing" for the modern student.  Take time off -- or take a holiday -- to help someone else.  But what's it really like.  Tristan Stone joined one group to find out, and brings us this report


Play Feature 671: Iceland Mission Trip:

IN: For their mid-semester break, a group of . . .


OUT: Vox Pop

Host 2  ---

That report by Tristan Stone -- and , he tells me, some members of the group enjoyed Iceland SO MUCH that they will be back there this next summer for a vacation.


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And that brings us to an end of this week’s edition of Wavescan – a production of Adventist World Radio.  Next week we will be:

1.  looking at radio broadcasting in Mexico

2.  hearing DX reports from India and New Zealand

3.  talking blues and taking complements.


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That’s also the address for your Bible questions or free Bible Guides:  AWR, 39 Brendon St, London, W1, England, or e-mail us at  

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Wavescan is written and produced by Adrian Peterson and Steve Hamstra.  You can find it on the web at:  I’m . . . (Me)

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