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Edition 359 Ė May 15 2004.  

 This weeks  was written by AWR's  English Language Service Producer, Kirsten ōster Lundqvist.  The full programme can be heard in Real Audio on our web-site.

Royal wedding

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It should have been me. As a girl my dream was to one day be the queen of my country. I believed I had the necessary skills, I could wave, smile, and I even loved wearing hats Ė something hardly anyone but the queen does. But it wasnít to be me. Friday the 14th,  The crown prince in Europeís oldest monarchy got married. Shattering hopeful Danish girls dreams, his bride was found on the other side of the world.  Mary Donaldson of Scottish parentage grew up in Tasmania, literally on the other side of the globe from Denmark. The happy couple met at a pizza place during the Olympic in Sidney Australia, 4 years ago.

Of course as an adult I had almost a decade ago chosen to marry someone else, whom I am still very happily married to. The crown prince is my age, as children we had similar play houses, His grandmother was Swedish, so was mine, but thatís where the similarity stopped.

I remember as a child I was told that the queen had to belong to the Danish Lutheran church. I knew then that I might as well forget becoming queen. I was a seventh day Adventist and not Lutheran, how could I give up my faith to be queen!! A test of faith Ė  A Childs reasoning.

Mary Donaldson had to give up a lot. When she married His Royal Highness Crown Prince Fredrick she gave up her anonymity, her career, her country and her faith. Upon marriage she converted from Episcopalian to Lutheran, she chose to for Love.

 I wonder if Mary ever as a child dreamed of one day being a queen.  Playing princess is quite popular with preschool girls, but as children that play is limited to fancy dress, fake tiaras and momsí high heel shoes.  Career advisers soon shatter the dream, no you cannot apply for the job as queen, yes it is also a job but lets face itís something you are born into.

Not anymore.  Mary Donaldson was not born into a royal family nor were there any hidden blue blood flowing in her veins, still she is on track of one day becoming Queen of Denmark.  Things change, some times out of necessity other times because tradition has outlived itself and makes no sense.

You can become royalty. And in a changing world, you can change tradition. The Danes love the present queen Margrete. She has had the skill of changing and adapting the Monarchy to a more modern monarchy. Mary the new crown princess will have to keep up with real life. There is no hiding behind palace doors. If she is to be loved and respected she will have to learn the language and mix with ordinary people.

In an exclusive interview with newspaper Politiken Mary recognizes that royalty changes, she believes royalty needs to be wise in continuing to develop a strategy that will ensure the survival of the monarchy.

To the TV station DR she reveals that it was difficult for her to imagine moving to the other side of the world. But things happen. She has changed country, language, culture and lifestyle.

Would you have done it? Iím not so sure, she gave up an awful lot, with no guarantees for what her future will bring. Her life is changed. She chose to accept change. And paid a price of giving up life as she knew it for a new life. A royal life.  All because of Love.

 Times Change, and even royals cannot rely on old traditions to ensure the survival of their future. Perhaps this is applicable to other circumstances as well.  For me to cling on to my childhood dream of becoming a queen is rather silly, there are some things we outgrow in our own life, and some things that we hold on to.

Iím still a seventh day Adventist. I still believe Iím part of a royal family, With God as King and Iím his daughter, I realise that Iím a princess. My royal life is not about tiaras and long ball gowns, but about love. Its about Gods love for me. A love that is so out of this world that he sent his son to die for me, that I may have eternal life. Thatís love.

God sent his son Jesus to earth to mingle with people, To give people a lifeline, a way out. That is love and that gives me hope. Not for being queen of Denmark, but for eternal life. For that I need faith. Faith, to survive and accept change. We live in a changing world, a world were a Scottish girl grown up in Tasmania becomes the queen of Denmark. What doesnít change is the Love God has for you and I and in a changing world that is something to hold on to.


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