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De-westernise theology, Catholic academics urged by WCC leader

In Rome the general secretary of the World Council of Churches, the Rev. Sam Kobia, spoke at the Fifth International Congress of the European Society for Catholic Theology. Dr. Kobia stressed that European theology needs to be "de-westernised" to adapt to a global shift of Christianity to the Southern Hemisphere. According to Ecumenical News International Dr. Kobia said in his speech to a gathering of Roman Catholic theologians, that "Is it not high time to leave behind the destructive pride of the dominant global culture that has its origins in the colonising drive to conquer and subdue the world?



Lift sanctions on North Korea, global church body urges

The Geneva-based World Council of Churches has appealed to the international community to help lift sanctions against North Korea and to restore humanitarian aid to defeat hunger and malnutrition in the country. The appeal came after a completion of the World Council of Churches executive committee meetings in Seoul.   According to Ecumenical News international the World Council of Churches expressed that "The grave humanitarian crisis of hunger, chronic malnutrition and related disease facing the North Korean people are a challenge not only to the churches, but also to the conscience of the entire international community,"


AWR Reformats South American Services


In South America, according to a recent announcement, Adventist World Radio, AWR, will close it’s America’s Region office in Costa Rica and move operations to Brazil to work in cooperation with the Adventist Media Center.  16 staff members, however, will lose there jobs as a result.  Benjamin Schoun, president of AWR comments:


“Recently we’ve seen a tremendous development of the local radio stations and the development of a very fine media center in Brazil.  And rather than duplicating efforts, Adventist World Radio has felt that we should work more closely with the media center and these other stations, saving some of the costs and resources that we’re investing into that area so that we can more effectively fulfill our mission in the hardest to reach parts of the world.”


Nigerian church leaders denounce 'ritual killings'


In Nigeria Christian leaders have denounced ritual killings. This after the police discovered more than 20 human skulls and 50 corpses at traditional religious shrines in the south-west of the country. Nigerian police said after the discovery of the corpses at the Okija shrines on 4 August that they were people who had either been kidnapped and brought there for sacrifice or who had visited the shrines seeking money, affluence, or influence. Police later found a further 33 bodies at the site.



The Gospel is Filipino pastor's prescription for managing stress

Baguio City,

In the Phillipines according to Ecumenical news international.

Christians do not need to seek the advice of psychotherapists and psychologists because the Gospel itself can "show us the way out" of stress, says a Filipino pastor in his prescription for dealing with the malady. "We suffer from stress because we worry too much," said the Rev. Simplicio Dang-awan of the United Church of Christ in the Philippines. "We worry about our weight, our height, our looks... and we worry if our clothes are out of fashion."


Iraqi inter-faith body forms London link

A religious coordinating body in Iraq, the Iraqi Centre for Dialogue, Reconciliation and Peace, has formed an alliance with the London-based Three Faiths Forum, which brings together Muslims, Christians and Jews. The forum, announcing the link, said the Iraqi centre planned to send representatives to London to study methods of religious reconciliation. Canon Andrew White of Coventry Cathedral, England, who helped to forge the alliance, said this was the centre's first association with any outside body.This according to Ecumenical news international.




ADRA Buildings Damaged by Kabul Blast


In Afghanistan, two buildings housing the local offices of the Adventist Development and Relief Agency, ADRA, have been damaged by a recent explosion in the capital of Kabul.  ADRA had received a car bomb advisory the day before the blast.  The explosion occurred in front of building used by an American Defense contractor, only a short distance away from the ADRA buildings.  Fabiano Franz, project director for ADRA Afghanistan comments:


“Myself and my wife, we were outside in the yard, and then we heard the explosion.  All the windows blew up, all the doors broke, we saw some smoke in front of our office, and we found shrapnel, metal pieces all around us.  And then we learned that it was a car bomb.”


Seven people were killed by the blast, several more sustained injuries.  Two ADRA personnel suffered minor cuts from flying glass.






And finally

Rally anti-apartheid-type support for Dalit untouchables, says Lutheran

Lutheran World Federation general secretary the Rev. Ishmael Noko, a Zimbabwean has called for the organizing of a global gathering to offer similar solidarity to South Asia's Dalit communities, formerly called untouchables, to that which helped end South Africa's racist policy of apartheid. "The exclusion suffered by members of the communities known today as 'Dalit' is probably one of the most extreme and violent expressions of exclusion."


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