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Thousands Affected by Bangladesh Floods Receive ADRA Aid


            In Bangladesh , more than 25 million people have been forced to evacuate their homes by massive floods triggered by monsoon rainfall.   The Adventist Development and Relief Agency, or ADRA, has responded to the disaster by providing food, water purification tablets and other items to more than 80 thousand people displaced by the flooding.  The Swedish Mission Council is funding the project, valued at more than 130 thousand Dollars.  The floodwaters are not expected to recede for at least two weeks.



Tourists to Israel Must Now Declare Religion


The Interior Ministry of Israel is investigating allegations that visitors to the nation are asked before entry which religion they are affiliated with.  The Jerusalem Post reports that the question appears on a new version of customs papers that visitors must fill out before entering Israel .  A spokeswoman for the Interior Ministry said that several calls had been received from people troubled by the question.  The investigation is targeted at determining who is behind the new questionnaire, which the Interior Ministry is concerned may be bad for tourism.



South Korea Advises all it’s Missionaries to Leave Iraq


            The South Korean government recently told all missionary and humanitarian groups from the nation to leave Iraq .  Mission Network News reports that the order comes on the heels of terrorist threats towards evangelist activities in Iraq .  The Deputy Foreign Minister of South Korea Lee Soo Hyuck said that terrorists have repeatedly made specific threats against South Korean missionaries in Iraq .  South Korea continues, however, to support the U.S.-led coalition in Iraq and plans to deploy troops in the nation.



Iraqi Christians Slow to Return to Pews


            Also in Iraq , ministers have preached to mostly empty pews since the bombing attacks outside Iraqi Christian churches on August 1.  At one location, the Syrian Catholic Church in Baghdad , attendance was less than 10% of the usual one thousand people.  Explosions at five churches across the nation on August 1 claimed the lives of 11 people.  The attacks highlighted a distinct change of environment for Christianity in Iraq , as under the Saddam Hussein government the nation’s 800 thousand Christians were free of oppression and openly expressed their faith without fear of reprisal.






110,000 Members Join ' FaithfulAmerica.org ' During First Ten Weeks of Faith-Based Online Community


            As reported earlier on Network 7 News, the website FaithfulAmerica.org has become one of the most successful sites in the United States since it’s launch over a month ago.  The website, affiliated with U.S. National Council of Churches, made headlines by gaining over 100 thousand members during it’s effort to air television spots on Arab TV apologizing for prisoner abuse by American soldiers in Iraq .  ‘FaithfulAmerica.org’ is now taking on the crisis in Darfur , Sudan .  Members of the site have coordinated to send over 50 thousand messages to U.S. congressmen urging action in Darfur .


General Secretary of the National Coucil of Churches, Bob Edgar Comments:


            Our mission is to put together as many progressive thinking, faithful people in the United States who care about poor people, care about healing planet earth, and care about issues of justice.  We’re working on genocide in Sudan .  We’re not shying way from the hard work it’s going to take change the way America has been perceived around the world.


Edgar also said that ‘FaithfulAmerica.org’ is also working to fight poverty and inadequate education in the U.S.


Non Christians learning more about the religion


In China during a reception for representatives of various overseas Christian communities, Bishop Ding Guangxun shared that a number of people outside of mainland churches are learning more about Christianity.


Guangxun, the Honorary Chairman of the China Christian Council, stressed the importance of a closer relationship between Chinese and overseas churches, and also stated his thanks to the members of the ecumenical gathering, that were able to come to the exhibition of Bible ministry.


According to the China daily, China Christian Council President, Reverend Cao Shengjie, said that the exhibition’s purpose was to share God’s grace upon the churches in China and the devout faith of Chinese Christians to the bible.



African Church Group Head Wants Governments Pressed on Sudan Crisis


            In Africa, the general secretary of the All Africa Conference of Churches, Mvume Dandala, has recently appealed to the leaders of African churches to urge their respective governments toward action in the Darfur region of Sudan .  Ecumenical News International reports that over one million people have been displaced by violence in Darfur , and many of those people now face serious threats from both hunger and disease.



Children’s Missionary Movement, a First for the Church in Northern Asia-Pacific


            In Asia, the Seventh-day Adventist Church is working to prepare children for mission work through the Children’s Missionary Movement.  The Adventist News Network reports that the program encourages kids to become missionaries in their communities through a series of training courses, seminars, short-term mission trips and an annual camping retreat.  Organizers say the goal of the project is to bring more young people to the Lord.