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Adventist Church works with WHO on health in Africa

The World Health Organization has told the religious denominations of Africa to emulate Seventh-day Adventist Churches as models of health, healing and treatment.

Anglican Bishop Rev. Canon Ted Karpf said “The WHO committee also adopted the idea that every church should be a place of healing and treatment, which has come from Adventist tradition. This level of sharing and commitment will...make the world a healthier place and give us the opportunity to bring God’s people into a healthier and more responsive relationship.”

This recognition of the Adventist health message comes as churches worldwide are working with the WHO to implement an antiretroviral treatment to three million people with HIV/AIDS in developing countries by 2005. This report comes courtesy of ANN.




Harsh persecution of Christians rife in Asia, says Catholic



The 2004 report on religious freedom was published last week in Rome by the Italian section of Aid to the Church in Need. According to Ecumenical News International the report points to Countries in Asia as the worst violators of religious freedom, with Saudi Arabia, North Korea and Laos topping the list, The sixth edition of the report published by ACN, an international aid organization of the Roman Catholic Church, looks at 183 countries, detailing abuse, discrimination and persecution linked to religious freedom suffered by various denominations.



US church council welcomes Supreme Court ruling on detainees  


The U.S. The National Council of Churches the NCC, welcomed the ruling by the U.S.A’s Supreme Court Monday that the nearly 600 foreign nationals detained at the U.S. military base at Guantanamo Bay since January 2002 have the right to challenge their detention in American courts.

NCC General Secretary Bob Edgar, says, that it “is not the guilt or innocence of these terrorism suspects, but rather their right under the U.S. Constitution and international law to challenge the legality of their detention.  If the United States is to model democracy, it must accord due process to all whom it detains.

UK Archbishops criticises Coalitions Iraq abuse

In United Kingdom archbishops and bishops of the Church of England have delivered an extraordinary rebuking letter to PM Tony Blair protesting over the behaviour of coalition security forces in Iraq.

In a letter on behalf of all 120 of the church's bishops, the Archbishops of Canterbury Dr. Rowan Williams  and  Dr David Hope, archbishop of York warned that mistreatment of Iraqi detainees had "deeply damaged" the West in the eyes of Muslims, who viewed the coalition as acting with "double standards". IRN’s Peter Murphy reports…

<The bishops had a get together about three weeks ago, and after a long discussion on Iraq, decided that the two Archbishops should pen a letter to the PM. ”we are in touch of course with Christians all over the world, and not least those in Arab countries, and we anted to bring to the attention of the Prime minister just the outrage that ahs been felt”. The Bishop of Southwark, Dr. Tom Butler. “ it sends the signal of apparent double standards, because on the one hand we are being very clear that we operate according to the rule of law, and on the other hand quite clearly there has been a breech of international law and the rules of engagement and it has been very damaging.” The Prime Minister is no doubt well aware of that, after all her expressed his own  revolution when the pictures of prisoners were published. Britain’s former envoy to Baghdad, Sir Jeremy Greenstock said that both Tony Blair and George Bush have condemned the treatment. “The Bishops talk about a sense of moral shock, I think we have all got that as well as a sense of policy shock, this should not have been done.” As far as the Muslim community in Britain is concerned, the letter has been welcomed. “ It is a very, very welcomed initiative, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the damage between the west and the world of Islam has been seriously damaged”. Dr Ghayasuddin Siddiqui, leader of the Muslim parliament of Great Britain, however there has been criticism from labour MP Ann Clwyd, a long time campaigner for Human Rights in Iraq, she says the Bishops protest is one sided. “ I asked the archbishop then to back the aims of Indict, because Indict was trying to get indictment in European Court  and Im afraid apart from a sentence in one newspaper there wasn’t very much backing from the bishops then, and I ask where were they then?” Number 10 say the prime minister will reply to the letter in Good cause, Peter Murphey, Westminster. >


Expelled bishop says Zambian churches abusing freedom of worship

In Zambia, the Expelled Bishop John Mambo from the Church of God claims freedom of worship is being abused at an alarming rate in Zambia. According to Ecumenical News International the alleged abuse takes place through daily church conflicts in which some denomination leaders are engaged in power struggles. The former head of his church in Southern and Central Africa, Mambo described his expulsion and that of 15 others from the denomination as shameful to God and the church. Mambo said it was an insult to the church in Zambia and the international church in the United States for an administrative assistant to expel an ordained bishop


Vatican birth control policy questioned by Latin American Catholics

In South America Catholics are questioning The Roman Catholic Church’s official policy on birth control.  Opinion polls have showed an overwhelming support in Latin America for measures of contraception. The polls, released at an inter-governmental health conference in Puerto Rico, show at least 75 percentage of those questioned in Mexico, Colombia and Bolivia supporting contraception being made available to adolescents.  An even higher majority favoured use of condoms to prevent HIV/Aids. The Surveys questioned at least 15 hundred people in each country, and the results where similar across the borders. In each case the person questioned supported the Catholic churches humanitarian and spiritual roles, but they also wanted liberalisation of its policies and claimed that using contraception did not prevent them from being good Catholics.

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Pope says sorry for crusaders' rampage in 1204
This week the pope delivered an emotional apology  to Orthodox Christians . The Poe apologized to Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinoble, Bartholomew I for the Catholic plundering of Constantinople eight centuries ago, The Pope said the plunderings caused him "pain and disgust".  These comments were during a visit to the Vatican by Patriarch Bartholomew I. Reconciliation between the Roman Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church has become a focal point in the popes 25 year reign.

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