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Adventist Youth Fight for Environment

In the Huambo Province of Angola, at least 150 youth with the Seventh-day Adventist Church club defended the need for environmental conservation subjects in the school curriculum.


According to the Angola Press Agency, this was done during a talk sponsored by the Association of United Youths for Environment defence and Protection, known as the AJUDEPA, grouping the students from the Humabo Meduim Agrarian Institute to gather contributes towards environment conservation.


The youths believe that Conservation in school syllabi will be a means to sensitise communities.



Pope thrives on Swiss enthusiasm.

In Switzerland, Pope John Paul II joined with 70,000 youth last Sunday celebrating mass—the first open air mass to be held abroad in 9 months.


According to the China Post, the Pope held up well through the 2 and a half hour long mass in pleasant temperatures.


Although his hands trembled and he had diffuclity speaking at times, the crowd encouraged him with cheers and he bounced back with vigor.


The post reports that on Friday, while receiving US president George W. Bush at the Vatican, the Pope’s hands trembled badly and his speech was difficult to understand.


This trip, a test of the Pope’s condition and improved appearance, has smoothed the way for further travel.


Officials are now planning an August pilgrimage to Lourdes, France.


Ecumenical Patriarch Defends Himself

 In Turkey, Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I, the spiritual leader of the Orthodox Christians, appeared before a criminal court on Monday.

In the courtroom, Bartholomew defended himself against charges that the law was broken when he dismissed Bulgarian priest, Konstantin Kostof.

Bartholomew  insisted the Holy Synod, the governing council, had the authority to remove Kostof, saying “According to our rules, the Synod that grants spiritual authority can also take it back in the same manner.”

According to Yahoo News, Kostof was removed in 2002 after he refused to refer to the patriarch in prayers.

Literacy Outreach in Togo

In Togo, the Association of Baptists for World Evangelism has been working to bring the Biblical gospel to everyone. 

MNN reports that the major ministries are in church planting, medical evangelism, a blind center and theological education.

Literacy primers in two of Togo’s indigenous languages have been made available through their resource center, and plans are underway to train instructors to use literacy as a tool for reaching people for Christ.

Agencies Struggle to Help Haitian Children

In Haiti, the children are still impoverished partly due to the recent excessive flooding.

Mike Kiernan, spokesperson for Save the Children, comments:

“The towns along the border of Haiti and the Dominican Republic have been devastated by floods two weeks ago, many small villages and towns were completely wiped out leaving upwards to or more 20,000 people stranded and in really desperate need of aid. Save the children is working with a number of partners, private relief agencies, the UN the Haitian government and community organisations to respond to this disaster.”

According to Yahoo News, many underfed children who didn’t know how to swim, made up nearly half of more than 3,000 victims at the border.  And there are still many families to be reached.

“One of the biggest probems if getting assistance to those villages even though their only 30-40 miles away from the capital. The roads have been wiped out and the only way of getting assistance to those people is by mule at this point. So we’re working right now to rush aid to these individuals and work very closely with other agencies to do so.”  

Church of Ireland to engage more with Immigrants


The church of Ireland has announced plans to engage more with foreign immigrants.


According to the church, it has devised an initiative, called the Discovery plan, in Dublin’s inner city to help Christians coming from other countries find places to worship.


Reverend Katherine Poulton told Online.ie “The intention is to try and showcase the Church of Ireland…for the immigrant community and to show them what is available not only within our own denomination, but within other denominations as well.”



Adventist Church barred from Prison


In Kenya, the Seventh-day Adventist Church was barred from conducting services at the Homa Bay Prison.


Prison authorities turned the church leaders away on Saturday when they attempted to baptize 30 inmates.


In spite of being a protestant church, the members of the church were told to seek permission from the commissioner, as only Catholics, Anglicans, Protestants and Muslims are allowed to conduct services at prisons around the country.


That report comes courtesy of APD.


And finally…


Makeover for the Lord’s prayer


The Church of England is to publish a new prayer compilation rewriting Psalms and prayers.


Some of the best known Scriptures will address issues such as fair trade and developing world debt. The Guardian reported.


Former vice president of the Namibian Evangelical Lutheran Church, Zephania Kameeta, has undertaken the project which offers a radical reworking of the Lord’s prayer and Psalms 23.


Christian Aid’s Publication manager, Paula Clifford, said “some of this might be thought to be radical, but we hope the book might enable people to see things in a new light.”



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