Worshipping two days.

I have listened with interest to your discussion on Sabbath and Sunday and looked up you information on the Bible Answers website.  However, I have a question.  Why can?t Christians keep both Sabbath and Sunday?

Steve (USA).

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Many Christians keep both Saturday and Sunday, and rejoice in the rest and communion they are getting from this time off. We can worship God everyday.

 I am not sure however if this is exactly what you are saying, because you quoted from Socrates Ecclesiastical History, book 7 chapter 19, saying that in the 5th century people of Constantinople used to come together on both the 7th and the 1st day of the week. So I wonder if you are asking if God wants us to keep both days.

From the Western point of view, it would be easy to do, since then we would be having the full weekend, but it is not quite what God is asking in the Bible. Nor does everybody necessarily keep the day of worship in the way that the Bible says, maybe going to church for one hour and after that going out to play ball. I believe worship is more than that. God gives us the privilege of spending one day a week with Him, our families and with others we care for. We can get totally away from the press ures of each week and enjoy the blessing of focusing on God and those we love. God gives us this special gift from the beginning of creation right through until the end of Revelation.

You may wonder if 2 Sabbaths are better than 1, maybe there is a double blessing there?

Now we know that the 1st century church used to gather together everyday and that they used to worship God everyday. Our Christianity and worship should not be only a one-day or a two-day event. If we only think on God 1 day a week our relationship with Him may be pretty weak. Therefore we must walk with Him everyday.

But God put aside one special day geared towards our spiritual relationship with Him, and this is quite clear in the Bible. For more information on this special day please see Holiday on Saturday , The SabbathSunday and the resurrection.  Christ, the law and the Sabbath, Explaining Ephesians 2:15.

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