AWR's English Language Service encourages you to write in with any Bible questions or query's you may have.  Here are a selection of answers to your questions.  

They are answered by Biblical scholar and broadcaster, Victor Hulbert.  With over twenty years experience in both radio and church ministry it is his pleasure to share with you the simple Good News of the Bible.

Bible Answers is aired every Thursday. 



Latest posting: Questions on Sabbath Keeping.

About Bible Answers.  Bible Answers is a service provided by the English Language Service of Adventist World Radio.  All questions submitted to the site will be answered but we reserve the right to choose which questions will be posted.  Answers reflect the authors Christian view of the Bible and modern culture but do not necessarily represent the official views of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. 

Thanks to Pastors Edgar Hulbert, Herman Smit, Mike Stickland and Gudmundurs Olafsson for their help and support in researching for this site.

Got a question you want to ask?     Due to changes in programming coming into effect January 1, 2005 this site is no longer being updated.  All questions that have been sent in during October will be answered but after that we suggest you send you questions to Bible  They would be delighted to be of help to you.


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